Saturday, 26 May 2012


I recently started my Forever Living business with my friend Rob. For those of you who have never heard of it, they are a huge global business who trade in over 150 with a $2.6 billion turnover!

They produce a wide range of health and well being products from their own crop of Aloe Vera plants and only use the best parts of the plant to ensure the products work without the aid of any nasty additions.

I had known about the business for a number of years before finally resisting! So what changed? Well I attended a presentation and everyone was very positive, focussed and keen for others to succeed. I brought Rob along to the one the following week just in case I was getting a bit carried away and came home with our starters kit ready to start our business.

We spent a good hour going through the literature and products, had a swig of this and a squeeze of that! It was like Christmas came early.

We have now been using the products for about a month and already seeing the difference. We have both been taking the drinking gel every morning, the Aloe Vera Jelly which is like a wonder cream, the Deodorant stick, Soap and tooth gel.

As the weeks go on we will both be sharing our experiences, reviews and offers.
Please come and join us on our journey!

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