Sunday, 5 August 2012

Clean 9 Detox - Day 2

So Rob is now on day 2 of his detox.

Shortly after blogging last night he fell asleep, I think it was around 8:30pm but obviously exhausted.

This morning he was up bright and early, and after his 'breakfast' he went out for a bike ride. Not much energy again today but the headache has completely disappeared which is good.

We were due to go out for a walk too but the heavens opened so didn't quite make it out of the door!

I am really impressed with how he has coped over the two toughest days of the detox. I measured his waist this morning and it is already smaller than yesterday so cannot wait to see the difference.

His lunch is prepared ready for tomorrow - and the fridge is full of greenery!

So far so good!

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Clean 9 Detox - Day 1

Well Rob started his Clean 9 detox today.

He seemed less than impressed when I showed him what would be involved but he realises he needs to lose weight so this seemed the perfect place to start.
Being ever so slightly scheptical he doesn't believe that his will lose any weight or inches, I on the other hand believe he will lose upto haf a stone :-)

So today he has kept himself really busy and been out for a long bike ride, a walk and then a second walk to get him some skimmed milk!

I am staying out of his way whilst I eat and drink just so he doesn't feel too bad.

I have to say he has been very chipper so far today, we took all of his measurements yesterday and now have the 'before' pictures prepared for the end of the detox.

Appart from being a little sleepy today he has been very upbeat, he hasn't felt hungry and even mentioned feeling quite full after his shake at lunch time.

The Aloe drinking gel isn't going down too well though, he drinks 60ml each day anyway but this is quite a but different he is drinking more in one go and doing so more often than he would like!

This evening he has mentioned he has a head ache so is taking on more water. All in all though not too bad, lets see what tomorrow brings!

I will be keeping you posted over the next 9 days, the highs and lows and finishing off with the before and after pics!