Tuesday, 19 June 2012


Its that time of year again where people are keen to shift a pound or two as they prepare to bare the flesh ready for the beach.

Forever Living has a great range of products to help aid weight loss and toning (watch this space for updates of Robs weight loss and how he gets on with the toning wraps).

One of the great ways to get yourself going is by doing the 9 day detox. It is hard work and not for people who easily give in, but the results are amazing.

This is a testemonial from someone who has used the detox:

I started Clean 9 on Saturday 5th May. I liked the idea that following the programme would cleanse my body of unnatural chemicals and I needed to lose weight and adopt a healthier eating lifestyle.

The first 2 days (Phase 1) were really difficult, the second day even more so. Drinking 120ml of Aloe Vera in one go was really challenging – I nearly threw up the first time (I drink Aloe Vera anyway, but had never drank so much in one go). On day 1 I started late so breakfast wasn’t until 1.30pm. By 4.00pm I was feeling tired and lethargic and hungry! I had my Forever Lite Ultra shake at this time (lunchtime). The shake tasted so delicious and was a welcome treat for my tastebuds! I didn’t do a lot on Saturday as I think my body was in shock. I thought about food a lot but resisted the temptation – I surprised myself – but I did wonder why I was doing this.

On day 2 I was lethargic, had a mild headache and felt lightheaded. Brushing my teeth with Aloebright toothgel was like an instant pick-me-up - it tastes great. All I could think about was food all day. I lay on the sofa as much as possible as I couldn’t do anything and I was feeling pretty crap but I had to summon the strength to cook Sunday’s roast dinner and it was torture – everyone tucking in except me. I looked at that roast chicken and it invited me to have a taste – this was around 5.00pm – I had a taste and it all went wrong after that...

Wracked with guilt, I decided to re-do another day of Phase 1 and stuck to it rigidly. Felt hungry but no headache or lethargy.

On day 3 I started Phase 2 which meant I could have a shake for breakfast and lunch and a proper meal for dinner (yay). First thing in the morning I weighed myself and had lost almost 2 lbs. I felt hungry between lunch and dinner because there is a big gap with no food to fill it. I drank water and did chores to take my mind off the hunger. I had my first bit of food for a couple of days and it was great, I couldn’t eat it quick enough and I savoured all the different tastes. Probably not the best thing to do but I’d really missed eating. I also found the Aloe blossom tea to be a lifesaver. I love that tea, it really makes me feel comfortable when I drink it.

Day 4, I still think about food a lot and my tummy rumbles a lot. I drink more water and have a slight headache but its great to be able to eat a meal of an evening.

Day 5, I feel lighter. I am hungry at times but drink more water.

Day 6, I forgot to weigh myself. I don’t feel so bothered about food today. I couldn’t resist so I ordered the Nutri-Lean programme as I want to keep going. I cannot bear the thought of doing all this good and then undoing it by going back to bad habits.

Day 7, Saturday 12th May. I weighed myself and I cannot believe it. I have lost 10lbs!!! What??? That certainly gives me a boost – even though I had a slip on Phase 1. I spoke to David who said that toxins and bacteria weigh heavier in the body so that is why the weightloss is so great. Unbelievable! I am so happy to have achieved such great results in such a short space of time.

Willpower, determination and commitment is what this programme demands. Its not for the faint-hearted or for those not serious about a kick-start to losing weight and cleansing their system. It really is difficult (Phase 1 is the hardest) but if you follow it, it will do what its supposed to do. And I’ve proved that even if go a little off course, you can still pull it back and get great results.

I have two days left on Phase 2 and I cant wait to weigh myself at the end to find out my total weight loss, and I look forward to starting Phase 3 with Nutri-Lean.

If you would like to find out more about the products or how you can be supported through this please get in touch here to view the Clean 9 click here

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