Thursday, 26 July 2012

Wonder Gel!

I have to share my favourite product ever with you. It is the Aloe Very Gelly, it comes in a tube but is pretty much the same as taking the gel direct from an Aloe Vera plant.

I used this product before I became a distributor, I have a pet rat who had a nasty lump on her neck that she kept scratching. We used to plaster this on and within a few days it was completely healed.

She loves eating it too and because it is natural and actually does her some good she has a little bit each morning as a treat!

Since becoming a distributor I have used it most recently on my burnt scalp, sunburn, dry skin, stinging nettles, cuts but the best bit was using it on my ulcer.
I used to suffer badly from them and was given some tablets to keep on the ulcers when they were really bad. These left scarring inside my mouth so I wasnt overly keen to continue, so when I got my latest one I stuck a load of the gel on and it worked wonders.

My cousin also used it on her daughters Chicken Pox and within 2 days they were gone!

This in my opinion is the best all round product and great for first aid kits, kids and pets. It lasts for ages and ages.

Code #061 - £12.24 available here

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